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Insurance Website Design Services

Are you an insurance company looking to expand online? Maybe you have an existing website and require a revamp? What if you could give your customers instant quotes based on the data they enter?

At Bird Digital, we offer insurance website design services to help your business grow.

Web Design for the Insurance Industry

The insurance sector is forever changing and the web industry recognise this. Convenience has become a large part of decision making for consumers. In addition to this, studies show that consumers are far more likely to pay more for convenience. This business logic can also be directly applied to the insurance industry. Customers prefer prompt processes, such as instant insurance quotes. Not only this, responsive insurance web design means that the website can be used on any device without losing functionality.

This means that modern clients can obtain an insurance quote in minutes in comparison to older methods, which would require a consumer ringing a physical line. As lifestyle becomes busier, time is more precious than it has ever been. A convenient and clean insurance website could be all that is in the way from a flood of clients. Lucky for you, we excel in designing websites for the insurance industry. We believe that every client should have a positive return on investment when they choose us as their trusted web designer.

The Retail Mutual

Mutual Insurance Company

Date Built: 2017

Platform: Wordpress

4site Implementation

Visual Marketing Solutions

Date Built: 2017

Platform: Wordpress

Billericay Operatic Society

Operatic Society

Date Built: 2017

Platform: Wordpress

Insurance Software

Specialist software for the insurance industry can be expensive and can become outdated. The hassle to upgrade and integrate with other systems is not cost effective and can take a lot of time. Our insurance websites feature easy to use forms, which are proven to stand the test of time and are high converting. The data can be easily exported via email or spreadsheet and linked up to your internal system easily or work as a standalone. This allows for potential customers to reach an instant quote on insurance based on the parameters they have selected. This can be easily managed using a content management system.

A content management system is a piece of web software that allows a user to make changes to their website or view backend databases, such as customer queries. This means that you have greater control over your website once we have finished building it.

Automation plays a big role in our websites and can help you reduce cost in staff. Our systems are able to take payment and send over documents and request digital signatures in a step-by-step process. This means you can save time on staff having to chase up customers, as the process is as automated as you wish to allow it.

We understand that every business is different, which is why we like to get to know our client’s business goals and objectives before we conduct any work. We see ourselves as a collaborator to your success rather than a company providing an insurance website design service. Our team of web designers, developers and digital marketers are there to help you every step of the way. Get in contact with us today.

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