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Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise known as SEO is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. SEO enables your website to climb up the search engines, which increases your exposure on the internet. When SEO is done professionally, it generates a positive ROI. Not only that, unlike Pay Per Click, you won’t instantly disappear from the top of the search engines when you stop paying for results. SEO is a long time marketing strategy that is very effective.

There are many factors that determine if a website/page will rank high on Google or other search engines. The SEO industry is forever changing. Google regularly change their algorithm, which determines how a page will rank. In the last few years, Google have modified their ranking factors so that websites that were not responsive were issued a penalty and therefore deranked on the search engine results page. A responsive website is a website that can rescale itself to fit on any smart device. People who were aware of this were lucky, however many people were not so. At Bird Digital, we make sure we keep you ahead of any SEO trends and changes to ensure your website is getting the best results.

Why do you need Search Engine Optimisation?

Many people believe that a well designed website will be an instant success on the Internet, sadly without the right marketing, this is never the case. SEO has become a vital part of digital marketing and is likely to remain that way for many years to come.

You can paint the prettiest picture, however what use is a masterpiece if you cannot share it with the world? This concept is the same for your website. You may have a breathtaking website but you may also be lacking exposure. Why keep your website in a cage when you can unlock its potential with search engine optimisation?

The Retail Mutual

Mutual Insurance Company

Date Built: 2017

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Visual Marketing Solutions

Date Built: 2017

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Billericay Operatic Society

Operatic Society

Date Built: 2017

Platform: Wordpress

The main advantage of SEO is that it is cost effective in the long term. Google search is one of the best forms of digital exposure. Reaching page 1 for your desired keyword has many benefits, such as instantly connecting with people who have an interest in your industry and/or products and services. These connected users are more likely to convert than users generated from other forms of advertising. The main disadvantage of SEO is that it is not instant. In some cases, it can take time for a website to reach a high rank.

We advise you to be cautious doing business with anyone who claims they can get you to the top of Google in a very short time span. These companies are highly likely to be using malicious ranking methods, also known as black hat. In the world of SEO, there is white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Black hat SEO essentially uses methods that manipulate the search engines to rank a page or website higher. Black hat methods may help you climb fast on search engines, however there are consequences.

Organic Search Marketing

As mentioned previously, search engines such as Google are constantly changing their ranking algorithms. A main reason for this is to stop black hat methods of ranking. Google do not take too kindly to people who have tricked their way up their search engine. Google aim to keep their search friendly and beneficial to the user so that Google search is more natural and informative. People using black hat methods are eventually caught by Google and the punishments tend to be heavy.

In some cases, Google will remove a website from being found altogether. Black hat SEO can be tempting to those who do not understand the risks involved. If you have long term goals in business, we suggest natural ranking. At Bird Digital, we only use white hat SEO methods. This means your website or page will rank fair and organically, which keeps your mind at rest from the thought of your website being delisted.

We build lasting relationships

The Brands We Serve

“We was having issues with our site and found Bird Digital. They re-designed our website on a platform much superior to before. Being in the women's fashion industry we are constantly changing and updating things which their support team deal with efficiently!”

Daniella LivingstoneOwner, Moda Minx

“Bird Digital made a dramatic impact on our organic search rankings. Before we were under Bird's wing, most of our sales were through eBay and Amazon and not our website, Bird have helped us rectify this and fortify our own website as a sales platform.”

George NesnasOwner, I Love Fancy Dress

“We tasked Bird Digital with the re-design of several of our sites. We had some tight deadlines which they went above and beyond to meet, we are all extremely impressed with the quality and time efficiency provided by Bird.”

Zoe HewittDigital Marketing Manager, Regis Mutual Management

“I approached Bird as they are well known within our area. They not only built my an amazing site but they also got me ranking on page one of Google for Personal Training in my chosen areas, something no other company has been able to achieve, recommend the team highly.!”

Martyn CoramOwner, Recipe For Results

Bird Digital can help

Our search engine optimisation bespoke package features everything you need to get your website rocketed up the search engines. Our expert SEO team optimise your website in a friendly way that search engines such as Google know and understand. We provide technical SEO to fix bugs and coding errors, which may be preventing you from ranking.

We also carry out on page SEO, which focuses on optimising the content of your pages using keyword research and in depth content analysis. Not only this, we conduct content marketing and off page SEO to create natural backlinks to your website. We believe in a deep connection with the internet, which is why we build relationships with established bloggers to raise your brands awareness.

Furthermore, we include SEO reports and analytical progress. We use tools which highlight the growth of a campaign. We take this data and provide you with reports so you can track how well your website’s exposure is growing.

If you already have a company conducting SEO and would like a second opinion from one of our experts. We also offer SEO consultancy services.

Our aim is to provide you with a positive return on investment, whilst generating you more website traffic. We are happy when you are making money. We take great pride in helping businesses all over the country. Take your next step forward with Bird Digital.

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