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What is ecommerce?

Ecommerce is the process of buying and selling online. An ecommerce website is most commonly built for sales direct to consumers, however there are ecommerce websites that deal with B2B transactions only. In simple terms, an ecommerce website gives a merchant the ability to sell online and the consumer an online platform to purchase goods. Ecommerce web design is the design process in which an ecommerce store is made.

Most ecommerce platforms are able to digitally manage stock and can be integrated with internal systems to live update stock quantities. Online stores are also designed to integrate with a payment gateway to process transactions. The role of a payment gateway is to securely make transactions using encryption methods. This means that users are able to safely make payments without the fear of their details being intercepted. Popular payment gateways include Stripe and PayPal.

The Retail Mutual

Mutual Insurance Company

Date Built: 2017

Platform: Wordpress

4site Implementation

Visual Marketing Solutions

Date Built: 2017

Platform: Wordpress

Billericay Operatic Society

Operatic Society

Date Built: 2017

Platform: Wordpress

What are the advantages of ecommerce?

When compared to traditional retail, there are many advantages that come with selling online.

First and foremost, ecommerce websites have no geographical limit. This means online stores have more reach than their traditional retail counterparts. An online store gives a merchant the potential to sell their product and service all across the globe.

Due to increasing rent prices, many big name stores are now focusing their attention to online sales instead. Aside from advertising costs, website hosting is a lot more cost effective in comparison to rising rent and building costs.

Jack Ma, the executive chairman of ecommerce store Alibaba, believes that his store will be bigger than the retail giant – Walmart. He famously said to Walmart “If you want 10,000 new customers you have to build a new warehouse and this and that. For me: two servers.”

Not only that, online selling allows for precise target marketing, meaning that a merchant can use data to create conversions. For example, if a consumer was looking to buy “Toy Puppies” and entered a website via that keyword, the merchant could adjust the page dynamically to bring them the information they were looking for. In addition to this, merchants can create funnels to market their audience and create a persona of their customers. This allows for a more personal yet relevant shopping experience, which drives conversions and repeat business.

What makes a good ecommerce store?

There are many factors that contribute to making a good ecommerce website. Ecommerce website design is very important as the overall look of a website can have an impact on conversions. A poorly designed website is likely to put people off. This could be comparative to a dirty restaurant; bad hygiene of a restaurant would make you think twice about eating there. Ecommerce website design needs to be simple, clean yet informative. The user must be able to easily navigate and find the product they are looking for.

With the growth of mobile devices, many users are now using tablets and smartphones to shop online. For this reason, the design of an ecommerce website must put emphasis on user experience for all devices. Responsive web design is the term used for a website that has the ability to scale up or down on all devices and remain friendly for the user.

Successful ecommerce websites will regularly change their pages and host new deals and offers to keep the website new and exciting. This promotes engagement with the merchant’s client base.

Top Ecommerce website designers and developers ensure that their website features desirable qualities such as an easy checkout process, guest sign ups, detailed product pages, secure payments, SSL and clear information. Other factors such as speed and security play a big role in the success of an ecommerce website. If you require ecommerce website design or would just like further information, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you take the next step into your journey online.

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