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Pay Per Click, or PPC for short, is a marketing method used to drive traffic to a website. Traditionally PPC works by placing advertisements in various web placements throughout the internet. The user would then click your advert and you would be charged per click, hence the name PPC. Pay Per Click is a great way to instantly connect with a target audience to drive awareness and sales.

The game of PPC has evolved and campaigns have become more precise and complex. The extra precision allows for a greater return on investment. It allows you to target different audiences via impressions or clicks based on keywords, interests, demographics or browsing history. The term impressions refers to the amount of times that an advert has been seen. Brand awareness campaigns genuinely perform better via impressions, where as conversion based campaigns may be better suited to pay per click.

Why use an agency for PPC?

Pay Per Click can be a very powerful tool, but only when used in the right hands. You may have heard that PPC is a great marketing tactic, which it is, however you are left confused when you hear horror stories of people spending thousands and getting zero return. When Pay Per Click campaigns are setup with no or limited background knowledge, it can become a big drain on investment and frankly, quite overwhelming. Always seek an expert to manage PPC campaigns.

At Bird Digital, we have setup hundreds of highly successful campaigns so we know what works, and what does not. We conduct highly effective data driven campaigns, which use analysis from your industry to create highly converting and innovative adverts.

We love to understand our clients business needs and goals and believe in trust and honesty. Our mission is to get you the highest return on investment.

The Retail Mutual

Mutual Insurance Company

Date Built: 2017

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4site Implementation

Visual Marketing Solutions

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Billericay Operatic Society

Operatic Society

Date Built: 2017

Platform: Wordpress

Instant Results

The benefits of PPC is that the results are instant. This means your adverts can be placed on websites, apps, or at the top of search engines without employing long term strategies such as SEO. Next time you Google a keyword, look out for the top results. These will have a green ad icon next to them or would be say sponsored in Google shopping. This is an indication that the placement is paid for and takes priority over organic search results, which are found lower down the page.

The higher the search position, the higher the click through rate. Did you know that top placed results have a click through rate of 33% on average? PPC is great way to create new business or increase brand awareness.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is Google’s very own advertising channel that can be used to create adverts for search, display and Google shopping.

At Bird Digital, we have a vast experience in setting up Google PPC campaigns and can help your business generate a positive return on investment. We can help promote your business, brand or services by targeting people, who are most likely to respond and convert. We use data driven analysis to drive results.

We build lasting relationships

The Brands We Serve

“We was having issues with our site and found Bird Digital. They re-designed our website on a platform much superior to before. Being in the women's fashion industry we are constantly changing and updating things which their support team deal with efficiently!”

Daniella LivingstoneOwner, Moda Minx

“Bird Digital made a dramatic impact on our organic search rankings. Before we were under Bird's wing, most of our sales were through eBay and Amazon and not our website, Bird have helped us rectify this and fortify our own website as a sales platform.”

George NesnasOwner, I Love Fancy Dress

“We tasked Bird Digital with the re-design of several of our sites. We had some tight deadlines which they went above and beyond to meet, we are all extremely impressed with the quality and time efficiency provided by Bird.”

Zoe HewittDigital Marketing Manager, Regis Mutual Management

“I approached Bird as they are well known within our area. They not only built my an amazing site but they also got me ranking on page one of Google for Personal Training in my chosen areas, something no other company has been able to achieve, recommend the team highly.!”

Martyn CoramOwner, Recipe For Results

Google Shopping

If you sell products, Google shopping is a great way to place your products in front of people who are ready to buy. Google shopping differentiates from other AdWords platforms as it focuses on products and uses a formatted shopping feed to upload information to Google. A shopping feed could also incorporate other information about your products such as sizes, prices and reviews. As a trusted Google partner, we are masters at optimising feeds to maximise results.

Bing Ads

Many of our clients choose Bing Ads due to the lower cost. We recommend Bing Ads for people with a lower budget as the cost per conversion is lower. This is due to Google being a more popular platform in comparison, which means exposure may be lower but so is the cost per user.

Bing is also taking leaps ahead into voice technology. It is estimated that over 50% of all searches will be made via voice by 2020, which is why Bing have taken the steps to get ahead of the trend.

Social Media Ads

Social Media is a great place to advertise using PPC. Some products or services perform better on social media in comparison to other ad platforms. At Bird Digital, we have setup a wide range of successful social media platforms, utilising marketing methods to help drive business.

Furthermore, we also can set up retargeting campaigns to reengage visitors and improve conversions.

We can help

Get in touch with us at Bird Digital. We would love to get to know your business and discuss your goals. Our dedicated account managers are there to help you take the next step. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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