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When it comes to web design Romford-wide and beyond, local businesses get plenty of added benefits when they use a nearby company. Although many people imagine that web design can be undertaken entirely in the virtual world, the reality is that for many people, a chance to talk through their expectations and requirements is actually the best way forward.

We are a local web design firm that covers Romford and other towns in the East London and Essex area. Whether you’re located in Romford, or in Billericay, Brentwood or Chigwell, we can provide the local connection you need to get your website into top condition.

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From our years of successful trading, we’ve learned that communication is essential for success. Our first step when working with a new client is always to listen to what they’re looking for. Whether they’ve got clear ideas on the look and features they want for their new site, or have clear outcomes in mind but aren’t quite sure how to get there, we can help. We are the web design Romford can count on. We have provided web design services in Cornwall, London, Essex and pretty much every other major location in the UK.

Our skilled, experienced team are committed to providing customised web solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of each of our customers. No matter what it is you want to achieve, we have the knowledge and skills to get you there.

The Retail Mutual

Mutual Insurance Company

Date Built: 2017

Platform: Wordpress

4site Implementation

Visual Marketing Solutions

Date Built: 2017

Platform: Wordpress

Billericay Operatic Society

Operatic Society

Date Built: 2017

Platform: Wordpress

Local Romford knowledge can really boost your traffic

Because our web design is undertaken in and around Romford, our team are well aware of local events, nearby links and other Romford-specific variables that may affect the online performance of your business. We use this knowledge to the advantage of our customers; if your business has a local audience – for example, a pub, garage, solicitor, plumber or high street retailer – we can create a site that’s intended to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

Our websites include a wealth of features

It’s no use having a website that’s crammed with visual appeal if it’s hard to navigate and doesn’t give a high-grade user experience. Remember that people can decide within seconds whether they want to use you, or go elsewhere.

Competition is tough, so it’s vital that your site gives an exceptional experience at every stage. We have a wide range of techniques, tips, tricks and options available, enabling us to make your website truly fantastic. At Bird Digital, we ensure that every website is device friendly and built using responsive web design principles.

We build lasting relationships

The Brands We Serve

“We was having issues with our site and found Bird Digital. They re-designed our website on a platform much superior to before. Being in the women's fashion industry we are constantly changing and updating things which their support team deal with efficiently!”

Daniella LivingstoneOwner, Moda Minx

“Bird Digital made a dramatic impact on our organic search rankings. Before we were under Bird's wing, most of our sales were through eBay and Amazon and not our website, Bird have helped us rectify this and fortify our own website as a sales platform.”

George NesnasOwner, I Love Fancy Dress

“We tasked Bird Digital with the re-design of several of our sites. We had some tight deadlines which they went above and beyond to meet, we are all extremely impressed with the quality and time efficiency provided by Bird.”

Zoe HewittDigital Marketing Manager, Regis Mutual Management

“I approached Bird as they are well known within our area. They not only built my an amazing site but they also got me ranking on page one of Google for Personal Training in my chosen areas, something no other company has been able to achieve, recommend the team highly.!”

Martyn CoramOwner, Recipe For Results

What does responsive web design mean?

Responsive web design refers to your websites ability to adjust to fit on many screen sizes. The rise of smart phone and tablet technology means there are now more ways of accessing your website. A non responsive website is unable to scale on a device in a way that is user friendly. If you have a website which is old, chances are your website is not responsive. Responsive web design is important for obvious reasons, such as accessibility and ease of use. It is a must in modern times and could even be affecting your websites traffic.

Did you know Google have changed their algorithm to decrease the rank of non responsive websites?

This change affected many websites and if you have an old website and have not converted to responsive web design, you may also be affected. Google understand that responsive web design is more user friendly and relevant to mobile and tablet users. They believe that a responsive website holds more value, therefore decreasing the rank of websites that are not responsive.

How can you tell if a website is responsive or not?

You can quite easily distinguish if a website is responsive or not by simply viewing a website on many different screen sizes and browsers. A responsive website will be able to rescale to fit inside the width of the device. Most commonly a header menu will be replaced by an icon that will allow you to expand the navigation links easily. A fully responsive website will not allow you to view content outside of the width of the device, as the content will be condensed down inside the viewpoint of the device.

If you view a website on a device that requires you to move outside the viewpoint of zoom in, it is an indication that the website you are viewing is not responsive.

How can Bird Digital help you with responsive web design?

All of our websites we produce are fully responsive and able to operate on any screen width. If you are in need of web design, our professional web designers are more than happy to assist. We are there if you need a website from scratch or simply a redesign of your existing.

No business wants to part with hard-earned cash on website design, only to find that changes in traffic or conversions are minimal. That’s why we design every site we work on to give a competitive ROI. Our clients can see the difference in their traffic and other desired variables once we’ve given their site a makeover.

From ensuring it’s mobile friendly through to cutting-edge features, stunning layout and dependable navigation, we look at every aspect of your site to ensure it offers you and your audience the very best possible experience. If you want a site that earns you more and sends out an invitation your audience can’t resist, we’re here to help.

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