Website Design & Digital Strategy.

Project Overview

Newrest, a family-run business known for their compassionate funeral services, to reshape their digital landscape. Our endeavour included providing a comforting web design with custom forms and illustrations, full-fledged support, hosting services, and executing a targeted SEO strategy, content creation, and PPC campaigns.

Project Highlights

  • Inviting and Modern
  • Ease of use
  • Custom Forms and Illustrations
  • Smooth Frontend Client Journey
  • SEO


The challenge was to mirror Newrest’s compassionate services and dedication digitally, developing an inviting yet sensitive web design, while simultaneously enhancing their online visibility with SEO, original content, and PPC campaigns.


We forged a warm, easy-to-navigate website adorned with bespoke forms and soothing illustrations that beautifully resonated with Newrest's values. Alongside this, we rolled out a powerful SEO blueprint, captivating content, and precisely aimed PPC campaigns to magnify their digital footprint.






The Results

Newrest saw a significant boost in customer interaction and a marked enhancement in their online presence. The affirming feedback we received stood as a testament to our synergistic approach towards web design, SEO, content creation, and PPC initiatives.