L&R Renewables

Website Design and Graphic Design for Solar Panel Company

Project Overview

L&R Renewables is a dynamic company specializing in the sale and installation of diverse solar power systems across England and Wales. Their mission is to provide comprehensive solar energy solutions, whether for initial installations or expanding existing solar PV systems. L&R Renewables offers expert consultation and guidance at no cost, ensuring their clients make informed decisions about their energy needs. Their product range encompasses an array of cutting-edge solar energy systems and products, guaranteeing top-quality, eco-friendly energy solutions for homes and sites.

Project Highlights

  • Promote Vast Product Range
  • Explain Benefits of Solar
  • Promote Free Consultation
  • Update website with fresh new look
  • Clean and minimal aesthetic


Several challenges were identified at the outset of the project:

  1. Comprehensive Product Range: Effectively presenting a wide range of solar energy products, including cells, inverters, mounting systems, chargers, and batteries, while maintaining clarity and ease of navigation.
  2. Expert Consultation Emphasis: Demonstrating the commitment to providing expert consultation and guidance to clients, emphasizing L&R Renewables’ dedication to customer satisfaction.
  3. Green Energy Advocacy: Clearly communicating the eco-friendly benefits of their products and services, illustrating L&R Renewables’ commitment to sustainable energy solutions.
  4. Market Expansion: Positioning L&R Renewables as a reliable and go-to provider for solar energy solutions in both England and Wales.
L&R Renewables Home
L&R Renewables


Our approach was strategic and customer-centric:

  1. Product Showcase: We designed the website to effectively showcase L&R Renewables’ diverse product range, allowing visitors to easily explore and understand the various solar energy solutions available.
  2. Consultation Promotion: Clear and prominent messaging was integrated to highlight L&R Renewables’ commitment to providing expert consultation and guidance, establishing trust with potential clients.
  3. Green Energy Advocacy: The eco-friendly benefits of L&R Renewables’ products and services were emphasized through compelling content and visuals, reinforcing their dedication to sustainable energy solutions.
  4. Local Focus: The website was optimized for local SEO to target potential customers in both England and Wales, ensuring visibility and accessibility for their target market.

L&R Renewables 

L&R Renewables 

L&R Renewables 

L&R Renewables 

L&R Renewables 

The Results

Collaboration with L&R Renewables led to the following outcomes:

  1. Efficient Product Presentation: The website effectively showcased L&R Renewables’ extensive range of solar energy products, providing clear information to potential customers.
  2. Trust in Expert Consultation: The emphasis on expert consultation and guidance instilled trust in potential clients, positioning L&R Renewables as a reliable partner in their solar energy journey.
  3. Eco-Friendly Branding: The messaging around green energy solutions effectively communicated L&R Renewables’ commitment to sustainable practices, resonating with environmentally-conscious consumers.
  4. Market Expansion Success: Local SEO optimization helped L&R Renewables gain visibility in both England and Wales, positioning them as a leading provider of solar energy solutions in the region.

In conclusion, the website transformation for L&R Renewables successfully positioned them as a trusted and comprehensive provider of solar energy solutions. The result was a user-friendly platform that effectively showcased their products, emphasized their commitment to expert consultation, and communicated their dedication to eco-friendly energy solutions, establishing them as a leading player in the industry.