Call for Sites

Website Design and Graphic Design for Land Buying Company

Project Overview

Call for Sites, a company specializing in guiding landowners through the investment and development process, sought to establish a strong brand identity and create an informative landing page. Their goal was to convey their business proposition clearly and provide relevant contact information to potential clients. The challenge lay in presenting complex information in a user-friendly manner. To address this, our team was tasked with creating a distinctive logo, developing brand guidelines, and designing an engaging landing page for Call for Sites.

Project Highlights

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Simplify complex jargon
  • Create brand guidelines
  • Capture leads
  • Logo Design
  • Comprehensive landing page


The project presented several key challenges that required thoughtful solutions:

  1. Complex Information: Call for Sites dealt with intricate details related to land investment and development, which needed to be communicated effectively without overwhelming visitors.
  2. Branding Identity: The company lacked a consistent brand identity, requiring the creation of a logo and brand guidelines that aligned with their core values and services.
  3. Information Presentation: Condensing and simplifying the extensive information into easily digestible sections was crucial for user engagement.
  4. Contact Information: The landing page needed to prominently display contact details for potential clients to easily reach out.
Call for Sites
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Our approach was centered around clarity, engagement, and brand identity:

  1. Logo and Brand Guidelines: We worked closely with Call for Sites to understand their mission and values. Based on these insights, we developed a unique and memorable logo that reflected their commitment to guiding landowners. The brand guidelines ensured consistency in visual elements across all platforms.
  2. Color Palette and Typography: Utilizing a bright and bold color palette, we created a visually striking design that caught users’ attention while maintaining a professional aesthetic. Large, legible typography enhanced readability and highlighted important information.
  3. Information Segmentation: To tackle the challenge of complex information, we segmented content into manageable sections using clear headings, concise paragraphs, and bullet points. This approach made it easier for visitors to grasp key points without feeling overwhelmed.
  4. Engaging Visuals: We incorporated relevant imagery and illustrations to complement the textual content and visually communicate the process of land investment and development. These visuals helped break down concepts into easily understandable visuals.
  5. Contact Integration: The landing page prominently featured contact information, including a user-friendly contact form and direct contact details. This ensured that potential clients could easily get in touch for further inquiries.






The Results

Through a collaborative effort with Call for Sites, we achieved the following outcomes:

  1. Clear Brand Identity: The newly designed logo and brand guidelines provided Call for Sites with a consistent and professional image that aligned with their business values.
  2. Engaging Landing Page: The landing page design effectively organized complex information, making it accessible and engaging for visitors. Bite-sized content chunks and appealing visuals improved user experience.
  3. Increased User Interaction: The combination of bold colors, large text, and intuitive design elements led to increased user interaction and longer time spent on the landing page.
  4. Improved Contact Accessibility: The prominently displayed contact information and user-friendly contact form facilitated direct communication between Call for Sites and potential clients.

In conclusion, our strategic approach to branding and landing page development for Call for Sites successfully addressed the challenges of conveying complex information and establishing a strong online presence. The outcome was a visually appealing and informative platform that effectively communicated the company’s services and values.