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What is PPC?

PPC, or Pay Per Click is a form of marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time that their advert is clicked on. PPC adverts can be seen in the search engine results page for various competitive keywords. These are the top results and usually have a green box displayed next to them, which says “AD”.
The position of the advert depends on the bidding amount, as you are competing against other advertisers for the same keyword.. Google AdWords take into account the bidding amount, as well as other factors such as page relevance.
In short, Google will favour the best and most relevant adverts, which means that someone who is not a PPC expert could be throwing away money if they lack experience.

PPC horror stories

There are people who swear that AdWords does not work, however you usually only hear these claims from people with little or no PPC experience.
PPC can be a great way to draw in traffic and extra revenue, however you may of heard horror stories regarding this form of marketing. These stories usually occur when someone who is not a PPC expert attempts to manage their own advert.
We have seen instances where people have tried to setup their own campaigns on Google AdWords. In one instance, we found a firm who provided nationwide cleaning. This company wanted to bid for the keyword “cleaning” and any town such as “Cleaning Chelmsford”. They complained that their PPC strategy was not working. Upon investigation, we found they were unknowingly bidding for keywords such as “Cleaning Products”, which was not relevant to them and therefore wasting their money. We took control of the PPC campaign and ended up driving it to success but we can only imagine what it would have been like if it was left the way it was.

Why you NEED a PPC expert

PPC agencies, such as us at Bird Digital, have managed hundreds of different PPC campaigns. This means we have vast experience and know what works and what does not. Not only that, as trusted web designers, we can modify your landing page so that it is relevant and high converting. Many people overlook their landing page as a problem, however a poor landing page can cost you MONEY.
You should always use a custom landing page for individual keywords to boost relevance and also conversion rates.
Every company is different, which means every PPC campaign should be tailored to fit that industry. A PPC expert will be able to analyse a website and produce a working solution through scientific testing. There is more to PPC than slinging up an advert and hoping for the best.

Doesn’t it cost loads to hire a PPC expert?

If they are truly an expert, the answer is no. Chances are, if you are thinking of a PPC expert as an additional cost, then you have it wrong. The role of a PPC expert is to give you a positive return on investment. This return will yield much higher than someone with little experience attempting his or her own advert, even with fees.
If you are looking for a PPC expert, feel free to get in contact with us. Our team loves helping businesses grow online.